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You are about to enter Ringtone Bliss! Welcome to Ringtone Expressions, the ultimate way for you to create and express your ringtones . It lets you create your own ringtones from the music files in your music library and allows sending to your phone either directly or by SMS message depending on your phone type. It Supports all modern day phones including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Android and other smartphones. This new found power we are giving you means you can now create an unlimited amount of ringtones. It even lets you discover the ringtones and create the same ringtones as your friends. Now just imagine the joy you will have being able to easily create unlimited ringtones any time you feel like it. Create ringtones from YouTube directly with just a few clicks! Create amazing ringtones by adding effects to them! Create ringtones from your microphone! Drag and Drop directly from iTunes! Express your ringtones directly and automatically on FaceBook and Twitter. Make amazing and useful wakeup tones, for your phone alarm! And much much more! Ringtone Expressions is simply the best ringtone application in the world! Pricing: $24.95 pay once or $1.95/month.

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